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Ginger....I really like #3. Love how you stepped it up. Love the colors too.


They are all beautiful, but I like #2

Sharon R.

I really like #3 all of them are very pretty.


I'm going with #2 and I think it's because of the warm colors. Looks like you had fun!

Marjorie MCNellis

I liked number 4! Of course I love the blues family!! Great job! All four are wonderful cards!! Way to go!!


What a difficult task to pick one! I like #2, the way the pearls are more noticeable, #3 For the added finish that #2 doesn't have and #4 for such a clean look. I like Margie like the blue familes but this was difficult picking just one, couldn't do it. Thanks for the information included in this posting.


#2 is my choice only because you used riding hood red and red is my favorite color. I'm not sure I could pick an actually winner they all have subtle differences and they are all beautiful!


What a great technique! Margie - I agree with your great taste and also like #4 the best. I also love the simplicity of #1.

Janet Masters

Well I had to go over them a few times I like them all but my favourite has to be #3 the coral really stood out although I love blues and pinks the coral has to be it.


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