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Marjorie MCNellis

I like this card!! I have plans of getting the stamp set!! I think the card is quite unique and colorful!! You gave a drink and abstract art!!

Ginger Toivonen

ThNks Margie! It is definitely different from my standard card!


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Okay, I can't help smiling at this card. I like the colors you used, I love the idea you had while daydreaming and what a Master! you were able to make a neat card out of your mistakes! I like what you did.

Ginger Toivonen

Thanks Gussy!

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Suzanne Andrews

Wow! you really mastered the splatter technique. I like it. This card is fascinating as well as unique. Pounced dauber with force, huh? Wondered how you did that.

Ginger Toivonen

We will have to try it out! It is fun.

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Stamping Ginger

From one Ginger to another, I absolutely love your card! I just got this stamp set today with my Best of 25 Years buy 6, get one. Can't wait to use it.

Beth Beard

Wow! My first thought was; How did she do that? Well done Ginger!

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