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Michelle Gleeson

Love all the goodies you created. The composition book is my favor,ite!

Ginger Toivonen

Thanks Michelle! The book is my favorite too. It seemed that I was always writing notes or card ideas on scraps of paper. Unfortunately, those scraps seemed to disappear. So, I decided that a notebook would be an ideal place for me to do my notes.


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Marjorie MCNellis

As a lucky recipient of all the great gifts from retreat, I can tell you that I loved it all! My notebook is getting full. My latest entry is the Halloween poly set above!! Thanks, Ginger, for great time to finish many projects!! I love the banner set and will need to get another set!!


I was lucky enough to receive the great gifts above also. You sure made us feel special! The notebook is definetly my favorite too. So so fancy and practical too! Thank you!

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