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Marjorie MCNellis

Ging- You take care and the posts being late is just fine with me!! The important thing is YOU take care of yourself!! I really cannot see how you could improve on your vase and flowers!! I think it is gorgeous just the way it is!! Love you - Your bossy sister - Margie


I looked, I studied, & finally came up with my answer on your vase! I don't think it needs anything else. Remember I'm a newbie with the stampin so this looks awesome to me! Hope your back feels better I sure understand the back issue, not being able to sit, stand, or lay down, it's so miserable for you. Sending you a soft hug!


So so awesome! I really really like this and agree with my wise aunts it really doesn't need anyting. If you really wanted to supe it up, you could add a tag from the middle vase. Well done as always!


PS The flower centers are divine. Love that you used a variety of items.


soo pretty as is , love them !! take care and get well soon , love all your post and projects !!
soft hug Frenchie ,


In the spirit of being helpful I would try a label like the one from the hostess gift with "thinking of you." or some other cute saying we have. If it doesn't work for you its good the way it is. Get better soon.

Marjorie MCNellis

Just checking to make sure you are doing what you should be doing - resting!! I did not think of a tag on the flowers, but it would be nice! Something to add at another time!!


Thank you all. I am trying to take it easy but I can't sit in the recliner . Your comments are very much appreciated. When I am able, I will try your suggestions.

Bonnie H

It's a wonderful vase with a great, fun arrangement as it is, but if you truly want to add something, you might try adding green to the color palette, whether it be a bit of leaves, switching out the center bow, or in a tag, or some combination thereof. Rest thoroughly, heal quickly!


Hope your back is feeling better soon, hubby has back problems and it is no fun either. I would like to suggest maybe some leaves in your arrangement and maybe alittle bit of height to the center flowers too. Maybe you could look at the flyer of the flowers SU offered this past year and see what they included in the kit, that would have some good ideas on it too! Love the color choices you used for the flowers and that vase is cute too!


Hope your back heals quickly! Your blog is always a source of inspiration! Love the vases and the cute flowers. Perhaps you could add a bit of texture with some burlap ribbon or even small burlap leaves? Or...just leave it as is, too cute!


Ginger... first of all, take care of you! Second, WHERE did you get that vase? SO CUTE! Thirdly... it is great as is, but maybe add a sentiment on the front of the middle vase? OR... just leave as is. Adorable!


hope you feel better soon!! i agree a few leaves is what might be missing. real flowers have leaves so we expect to see them with flowers. most importantly though is do what ever makes that cranky back better quick!!


Hey Ginger, I feel for you. I have back issues now and then, so I know what you are going through. Hope it gets better soon. If there's anything I can help you with, let me know. I know you are trying to get ready for the retreat and could probably use some help.

My first thought was that you don't need anything. Looking a second time I thought maybe leaves. But if you really feel like you want to add something,(don't know if you are looking for SU products or if you can use non-SU products), something like tall feathery-type grass or those swirly thingys you get with the artificial flowers would add a nice touch.


Thank you all for the hugs and support. Loved your suggestions - can't wait to try them. Oh, I bought the vase at JoAnn's. I just couldn't resist it!

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