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I think a lot of fun is ahead for Katie in the crafting world. Who knows she could end up a designer for cards and scrapbook pages, what fun. Good job Katie, I like your turkey. Tell your Mom she has the fingers from her Grandma that I wish I would have inherited, long and thin.

Amy Lazzell

Fabulous job Katie!!! Woot, woot!!!


Absolutely adorable. A future SU demo in the making. You have every reason to be thankful and proud, Ginger!

Marjorie MCNellis

I know Katie had an artistic talent!! How could she miss with her mom and grandma!! Good job, Katie!!


Katie is ahead of the crafting game! I wish I had long thin fingers like Beth & her Grandma too! I love to see the artwork from all my nieces & nephews, such talent in the family!


Thank you Grandma for putting my picture on your blog. I love you!


Katie sure had fun making this turkey and it was completely her idea! She is one crafty little girl! Thanks for the comments on my fingers. Maybe I could be a hand model like George Costanza. hee hee

Ann Schach

Absolutely fabulous, Katie! The googly eye is the perfect touch! Good thinking to use your mom's fingers...they are just the right length!

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