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Marjorie MCNellis

I like the cards and plan to order for the upcoming class the end of the month. Don't worry about posting while tending to Bob. We can look back on what you have already posted.

Teresa Larsen

Good luck with the surgery!
You all will be in my thoughts and prayers!
Sending HUGS!!

Chris R. from Iowa

Wow, what wonderful ideas! I am with Marjorie - don't worry about posting - you take care of Bob AND yourself! I know I can look at your past postings and projects that I have missed. Cyber hugs, best wishes, and prayers for an uncomplicated surgery and a safe and speedy rehab recovery period!

Hey how did the team come out?


Seems to me you have your priorities right. Bob will be needing the help and we can survive until your able to post again, I will be looking forward to that time to get good posts and know Bob is doing well enough for you to post. God's speedy recovery to Bob and may life be better for going through this.

Ann B.

Hello from Kansas. I will remember your husband & you in prayer. I wish you all the best. I will also keep his doctors in my prayers that they may be guided in their task by Gods graces. I love your web site and check every day. I appreciate all the inspiration you give so sweetly. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers, I pray his hip replacement will go as well as my husbands did. Made a world of difference in his life, It was great. Gail

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