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This is a fun card! The colors are bright and cheerful, it is different. I like the choice of ribbon and the dots. I don't think we will see one like this soon. Good job!

Barb Bailey

This is really a cute card.

Chris R. from Iowa

I am not lioning when I say this is a cute card!. You don't monkey around with the colors - you got right to the bright and cheery colors. Let's not forget those fun candy dots too! You are just toucanny in creating! There are tried to get all the animals in there with puns. I guess I used more "poetic license" when it came to the words! I think the card was probably easier to make for you than me to comment! Loving the bright and cheery card!


Ohhh I love this card totally adorable!! You amaze me with the diversity of your cards. You have such a flair to do all the different ideas & that's why I love your blog!

Marjorie MCNellis

This card makes me smile with its bright colors and ribbon with all those cute zoo babies!


One of my favorite all time cards. Love love love. I must make several of these. They are just more than cute.

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