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Oh WOW!! This card so fits Beth & Jason! Love the bright colors, the dsp, & the sentiment. Perfect card for them. Awesome job!! Oh btw, yes I'm up really at 3:33 the can't sleep has me again along with the heart burn. Love Love this card!

Marjorie MCNellis

Ging - Great card! I love the colors and the design! They are so bright and cheerful! Happy anniversary to Beth and Jason! Nine years - seems only like yesterday!


I must say, Ginger you nailed this one. I could hardly wait to see what you came up with and it is great. I love the bright colors, the hidden tag and the saying. I love the whole of it! You do amaze me.

Chris R. from Iowa

Wonderful card! Brigt and cheerful and looks sort of yummy too! My parents would have loved to have received one like this. They weer big party people! So, now we know you really made that other card to remind me that it was our anniversary! I still smile about that. I mentioned to a friend who was actually my parent's friend who became my best friend - that we had forgotten again. She said she hadn't turned the calendar over so she forgot it too! Mike had forgotten too. But, today in the mail was a card from an acquaintance from my home town who I had not heard from in over a year! She thought she would surprise us with a card! Definitely a better late than never card! It was purchased but the little note inside was the best! Congratulations to your happy couple!


This card is definitely a winner. Love the fun of it... the colors are great!!

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