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Ginger you read my mind! Yesterday when I saw your card i thought "I want to try that with the flower shop bundle"! Thanks for the great technique and tutorial!

Marjorie MCNellis

Nice job on both the card and the tutorial! I love this card! It is a card that evokes a happy heart!

Kristy Cook

Ginger, thanks for the great tutorial and amazing card!


What a nice surprise, you are a jewel for sharing the tutorial on how you did this. Sharing how it is done is rare. I love this card, the colors are cheerful and I really like the black and white paper. I will have to get some Coral Calypso seam binding. Thanks again for giving the tutorial. P.S. I also like the positioning of the dots!

Chris R. from Iowa

What a cool card! The puppy is teething and biting me so I put him in the crate and came up to use the computer! I can only take so much! Anyway, I really like this card and the steps seem doable with some practice! Thanks for the photo tutorial! The colors are so bright and cheerful. The black and white looks just like a trellis for those beauties to cling to and climb! The bow and the dots are great touches. I need to go backwards and check out the rest of the posts AP (after puppy)! They had given each litter mate a "J" name and his was Jack but we need to change that! More later.....


WOW!! I'd have to try this a zillion times to get it right, but thanks for the inspiration & tutorial. You are amazing!!

Ginger Toivonen

Thx Rosie! Youll have to try the technique.


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Nance Leedy

This is awesome Ginger! Great tutorial and love the colors you combined!

Mary Lou Glick

What a great card, Ginger! Thanks for the tutorial!



Danielle Flanders

Glad you liked the video on how to make shaped borders. Your cards turned out really cute!

Michelle Quinno

Wow, this is amazing!! Thank you for sharing!

Dawn Tidd

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Absolutely stunning effect! Thanks for the tutorial too. :)


What a lovely card!

Pat White


Here is the original video tutorial for this technique by Danielle Flanders.

Nance Leedy

Hi again, Ginger! I just love your card so much I had to share what I made using this technique...check it out here:

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