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I love this stamp too. I'm going to use this as a example and make one. Love the winter scenes. Good job. Happy Thanksgiving.


I absolutely adore this card. Such a delightful scene that's perfect for the Christmas season!

Windy Ellard

love your scene and circles added with the snowflakes! Fun card!

Chris R. from Iowa

reHappy Thanksgiving! One can almost see their breath in the frosty air of this card! Maybe it is the 12 degrees the thermometer said but it is sunny out and seems more like a balmy 20 degrees! Anyway, back to this cute and fun card! Loving all the details esp the little cardinal. The sentiment seems like a mirror image of the car - how cool! I saw a commercial on TV while watching the parade this morning - it was a Cadillac with a tree tied on the top! I though oh sure if I has such a car would I tie a tree to the top? I don't think so! Anyway, it was fun to think about that when I saw your card. Stay warm and hope you are feeling better.


I love this card! It's so fun & whimsical with the xmas tree on top of the car, snowflakes, & the banner, also the pretty little red bird. Awesome card! Hope your back is better & I didn't cause you any additional pain. Nice to visit tonight!

Barbara Comfort

I'm glad I didn't't miss this card because of Thanksgiving, it is fabulous! What a neT idea.

Barbara Comfort

That goofy word was to be neat.

Marjorie MCNellis

Wow, I almost missed the circles but kept looking and found them. What a cool car and I love the vellum circles! Great job!


LOVE the snowflakes!!! Also like the monochromatic color palette. Cool!

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