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I love love this card. I think Mint Macron is my new favorite color--after Blackberry Bliss. Wouldn't those two go together nicely? Maybe. I definitely am putting it on my list and I love that Mint Macron lace. Wow. Really nice card. Ideas swimming around in my head.


Very nice combination of the new products.

Chris R. from Iowa

Holy blooming flowers Batman! What a stunning beauty this is! That lacey ribbon stuff is perfect on here! I love that background splotchy stamp - looks just like when you start painting a wall you do one swipe and then a swipe the other way to get the full color....well, at least I do that. I like Suzanne's idea of trying this minty color with blackberry bliss - sounds pretty darn yummy to me!

Marjorie MCNellis

This is such a beautiful card! I love the colors and the lace ribbon! This card may be one of my many favorites that you have created.


Loving the mint macroon & love love love the lace!i think the lace ribbon is my favorite new item. Love the card too!

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