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Ginger, what an amazing job of sponging you did on this project. I love how you used both images and incorporated them into one card. Beautifully done!

Chris R. from Iowa

Oh boy, looking forward to seeing what you create with your new stuff!

Love this card. At first I was puzzled thinking why is there a seam down the middle did she have it folded? No, that couldn't be. Why is the goose a standout over the other birds - I thought they were another type of bird not thinking they were baby geese. Anyway, I finally saw the big goose was a banner piece. Boy, I think I need some caffeine or something! I was so intent on that gorgeous background of blue and the clouds I totally missed that it was a banner. Now, this is a really cool card and I love it. I really liked the challenge colors they chose. Well done!

Marjorie MCNellis

Ging, this card is a stunner! The colors, the design and using a banner for the duck is a cool idea! You are on a role!


A very different card in style and I like it! You are so versatile in your card making. The clouds seem so real and unassuming. I like the layout. Well, I really like everything about this card. Nice, nice job.

Amy Lazzell

Fabulous job Ginger!! Just love it!!!

Rae in Reno

Love it Ginger! This stamp set has become a Must Have for sure!

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