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Chris R. from Iowa

I had to laugh - I was thinking donkey and I thought why in the world is there a donkey - are we thinking politics then why not red, white and blue. Then, it hit me - it's a zebra! Fits the theme and colors now! Love the comment on the celebrate ramps! Love the candy dots! I used all my black ones so I have been using a black Sharpie marker to make some of the other colors I never use into black ones or a pearl colored black. The EF is perfect to go with the DP the Celebrate is on. I usually associate stripes with a zebra so the polka dots are just a really great touch! So fun and unusual! Love it!


Love the monochromatic look of this card - but of course a zebra is kind of monochromatic! LOL The biggest challenge for me was how to incorporate the horizontal stripe! Beautifully done, Ginger!

Barbara Comfort

A very neat creative card. I am smiling thinking of the times my mind has been blown away with your creativity.

Peggy Noe

Love that zebra, Ginger! I have that set but have never used the zebra...now I have to! Great texture and colors!

Marjorie MCNellis

I agree with Barb! Love the zebra and your creativity!

Amy Lazzell

Cute, cute, cute!!! Love it Ginger!!!

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