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Chris R. from Iowa

A bright and shiny birthday card! I love this. How did I miss or not remember that stamp for the lined paper - I would love that stamp! Lots of fun details from the heart dotting the "I" in birthday to the washi tape. The tape looks like the pad top where you rip the page out! This is really fun and adults would like it as well as kids most likely! Anyway, I love it!

Marjorie MCNellis

I am with Chris! As I saw the card, I thought how did I not see the lined paper stamp!! This would be cool to send just a note of anything to a friend, family, co-workers!


Funny this is the stamp for today because I saw this just last night but I honestly thought it was an Emboss Folder. I saw this & thought I want that! But I really thought the lines were already on it so this may be tricky getting the lines on it but well worth the try! Love your card!

Barbara Comfort

Very nicely put together. I like the colors, the silver embossed word, the sequins assortment. All of it comes together to make a very nice card that has a clean feel to it.

Michelle H

I love it! Especially the silver embossing!

Rae in Reno

Fantastic showcase of the colors and these two stamps. Hmmm... may have to include it on my wish list now. Thanks Ginger!

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