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Chris R. from Iowa

How fun are these? Three totally different looks using the same basic ingredients! I do not remember that Happy Birthday set or the One Big Meaning let alone the Stamp A Bag set. So much for memorizing the catalog! Would Basic Black candy dots work on 1st card? Not exactly blingy but might add a fun little touch to the white though I don't mind the white. The Cherry on Top one is so fun and festive and that Dotty Angles looks perfect. Totally party festive! The thank you one is just plain fun. You could even stamp the little watercolor hearts on there for a totally different feel or stars.

Now you have mind little brain full of ideas...using that black and white animal print paper like a zebra mixed with something else and rhinestone bling. A winter birthday using snowflake paper and a row of snowflakes? A Halloween birthday card could be Spooktacular with ghosts or pumpkins etc. You could even use scraps for the big X even or pieces of ribbon.

Just too much fun! Thanks for the ideas!!!!!

Lynne Phelps

Mary Brown of Stamper Campers Corner made the original of your first card. I love your other variations!


Nice card with a multitude of ideas. Nice use of Washi Tape. Nice card if you need one in a hurry. Thanks for the ideas.

Marjorie MCNellis

I like all the cards! I will have to check my supplies and maybe start another list or add to the list!! All three cards are quite different but fun!

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