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Dawn Tidd

Such fun memories! Great that your grandchildren are carrying on the fun and making memories too. They'll love this cute card for sure!

Mary Fish

Slug bug! Hadn't heard that one. What an adorable card and I love the balloons floating out!

Chris R. from Iowa

Oh Ginger, this card is more fun than I imagined from your E-mail last night! I am still smiling. I think that bug could be seen in the dark with it's pop of color and the Wink of Stella stuff! I love how the balloons with their strings fit the line in the sketch - that is just plain genius! I think maybe an "S" needs to be added on the inside but it really doesn't matter. I think this will be a family favorite card and maybe they can keep it in the car for trips etc. This is just too much fun! Mary had not heard of this - once you have been slugged that is something you don't forget! Sometimes it can be a fun game to play on a car trip - and I do mean sometimes! My neighbor used to leave bruises on my arms! Thanks for a fun trip down memory lane! Maybe I will take Ted for a ride but somehow I don't think he would play along! Have a safe trip!

Patti MacLeith

Perfect pattern for the bug! Your grandkids will enjoy this card so much!


Such fun! I remember the slugs. This Bug is standing out nicely. I am glad you picked this for your PAP Card. The No Slug Back is quite appropriate and your a genius to figure out how to use it.
Another great card for PPA.

Linda Callahan

This just makes me smile! So cute! And we called it punch bug!

Marjorie MCNellis

This card made me laugh! Good job!

Chris R. from Iowa

Hey Ginger - I was walking Teddy, the basset hound today and saw a VW parked and one moving. I sort of slapped his shoulder and said Slug Bug etc. and I swear he turned around and looked at me with his big eyes like I had totally lost my marbles and immediately headed home! Tonight we saw the same parked one and he made me go the other way so we didn't go near it! It made me chuckle. One of the people who live on that street with the VW asked what made Ted turn around so sudden and go the opposite way and head home! Did he see a ghost or something? I stopped and explained and Ted kept a wary eye out. I didn't hit that hard but I think I scared him more than anything! She started laughing and said when her grandkids come to visit she was going to play that with them.

Beth Beard

Love slug bugs and the balloons are such a sweet addition.

Amy Lazzell

Oh I just love the little VW Bug!! So much fun!! Cute, cute, cute card!!! Great job!!

Maggie Mata

I absolutely love the DSP you used on the second layer of of your card. It goes so perfect with the DSP on the slug bug. You're designs are simply marvelous darlin'!

Ann Schach

Adorable with a capital "A"! This has to be one of the cutest cards ever! You rocked it with this one!!!

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