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Hi Ginger! I would love to see sneak peaks! Otherwise you will tempt me to buy retiring products and I'm trying to save my money for the new product!


I enjoyed your card once again. I like how you presented The World of Dreams. Each element y o u used added to the presentation. Nice work and thank you for the complete analysis of the card, I like that.

My choice is (c).

Chris R. from Iowa

Oh my, I am almost at a lost for words, I said almost! This is so beautiful! I wasn't sure what to do with this bold paper and now I know. This is brilliant - the use in panels with the white panel in the middle. Of course the little birds on the limb is such a fun touch esp. re: Mother's Day. Using the Daffodil Delight little slivers on there just added to the lusciousness! I had to smile though, Susan used the yellow with the grunge stamp and I thought it reminded me of egg yolks. Here the splatters don't look so vivid but I can't help but think about a broken bird egg falling out of the nest and hitting the sidewalk. Ted and I found several bird shells on our walk today. Oh, and that wooden word - I never know what to do with those. This looks perfect on there as would thanks or whatever word.

OK I have finished my diet Coke and have some caffeine on board. This card made me think (In a good way) of that silly commercial where Tarzan and Jane fly via vine onto a tree limb and she asks the monkey if he knows where the waterfall is. Jane is giving Tarzan all kinds of grief about getting lost and then he takes off with her and she is telling him he is yelling in her ear etc. I smile every time I see it - but I have no idea of what they are selling or who sponsors the commercial.

In answer to your question - C for both. I might have missed a good set or something but I also like sneak peaks of things to come. Spoken by a true fence sitting, huh?


First to answer the question, my vote is C! I have so many retiring & already retired stamps that have not seen ink so any & all ideas would be extremely helpful! My order is arriving this afternoon which means My CATALOG will be in the shipment! Tonight I can sit down with it & go through it page by page! If it came while it's snowing here I'd sit down with a cup of coffee & go throgh it! Oh by the way great card, now I have an idea what to do with the gorgeous bold paper. Thanks for the ideas!

Marjorie MCNellis

C would be my choice!

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