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Love your card! So bright and fun...my favorite of your swirly cards, so far!!! TFS


This may be my favorite of the four! I love the color scheme. You could use this for mothers day, new baby, for any nature-lover with any appropriate sentiment ...


Very artistic. Amazing how many cards you have made from this stamp. I like them all. The yellow is bright, it's a feel good

color.once again you brought a smile to my face.


Love this card! So bright & colorful makes me smile! Awesome card!

Chris R. from Iowa

Another duh moment, it took me awhile to get it - the nest! This is definitely bright and cheery. Love all your little artistic elements on here. The bird reminds me of a gold finch. Speaking of a gold finch there is a dead one over by a florist shop and Ted and I were over there yesterday. He pounced on it but I got him away from it before he could eat it or even think much about eating it. I saw it last week. Not sure what happened to the pretty little bird. Anyway, I mentioned a drink so he headed down the block where the bicycle shop puts out a bucket for dogs to drink out of. It looks like so far only Teddy has been drinking it. The owner was showing bikes to a customer and he bent down to call Ted over and Ted thanked him by drooling on his shoe. Oh well! Oh, sorry back to the card.....not sure which card I liked the best but something about that little boat and the broiling hot sun and the waves really made me smile. I could tell you another story about the baby geese at Central College if you would like....

Marjorie MCNellis

Love this stamp! Your cards are so artistic. This card is so fun that it made me laugh!

Marjorie MCNellis

I still like this card!

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