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Chris R. from Iowa

Isn't it ironic that his school colors are almost the same as the new in colors? How convenient! These sure work in my mind. I think the star embossing is stellar! The tassel is a cute addition. I bet his mom will want to keep this card for him because of the colors and that you made it. I doubt if we kept any of them from my graduation from H/S as they were pretty boring - probably black and white and "read" all over. Our goofy black gowns were so hot my face was definitely red at the dumb ceremony. Being vertically challenged my mom had to pin and baste it so I didn't fall over when walking!


WOW! I like the colors, the design of the card and the star embossing on the blue. The size of the numbers, the tassel on the greeting. I like the green designer series paper. I like everything about this card. Your a card making machine! Do you think I like this card.

Marjorie MCNellis

Great card! Jack will love it. Love the tassel, the numbers and the color. The star embossing brings an extra special punch to the card. All in all, a great card!


So bright & cheery just like Jack! Love your card & all the new colors you used (that matches his school color)I really love this card!I was laughing reading Chris R. from Iowa comments!I can relate to being vertically challenged!

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