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Chris R. from Iowa

I love the card for the layout and stripes etc. It is just plain fun. I need to get over this dread of the mambo thing. I guess in my thinking it is just the wrong color. Melon to me is more orange colored like a cantaloupe or muskmelon. Not a hot pink. This color is not even watermelon colored. To me it sounds like it would be more the flamingo color than the new color is. I know that is goofy thinking but that is the only way I can come up with it. So, my little brain is calling it a different color and it can cope with that! Now I am trying to decide which is my favorite aspect - the candy dots, the embossed hearts or just the script on the heart's sentiment? The next question for my little brain to ponder - are they going to price the framelits out of my price range? True, you will get more bang for the buck but I have to justify the outlaying expense.

Oh well, questions for another time for now I will just smile and enjoy the hot pink and black card. Fun and colorful! Love the layering!

Marjorie MCNellis

I love black and pink together. The embossed heart strip makes it pop!

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