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Nice card for a friend. I like everything about it. The little white knot on the bottom of the saying sneaked up on me, very nice addition.

Marjorie MCNellis

Good use of the paper, washi tape, twine and dollie! This is definitely a masculine card. Good job!

Chris R. from Iowa

Fun and playful backgrounds! I bet the Washi tape goes great with the metallic dollie though on my screen it looks bright yellow but I know it is really gold. The background papers also look like textures adding to the interest with the dollie, black metallic thread (I wonder how the copper would look?) as well as that cute little touch of white twine! I am not sure about the ruched ribbon - when you say zig zag are they two small pieces like an X under the black banner? I like the pop of blue but didn't quite understand how you put it on there. I would hate to waste that beautiful ribbon by covering it up! The whole card is so fun and playful and just says PARTY to me because of the top paper looking like a dance floor I guess. Oh yeah, and that tilt adds to the playfulness. It maybe masculine but I think it would work for any occasion like a thank you, birthday, or whatever! I just want to touch it and play with the pieces!


I loved the dsp you used! The top dsp looks like herringbone flooring or tile Love this!! I liked the bottom dsp reminded me of bubbles, not exactly sure why other than it's just me & I'm a bit whacky on any given day! Awesome card yet again!

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