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Oh My Goodness! I do like this card, it is cheerful, bright and uplifting. Looks like The new colors made it onto this card. Love this card.

Chris R. from Iowa

Now isn't this one sweet, amazing, inspiring, and fabulous work of art? This is so clever and fun for Katie. I am sure she will like all the fun colors with the great words on the banners to note her accomplishments. Anybody can come up with a softball card. This just sings the accomplishment rather than "take me out to the ball game." After all, she is a girl! I think she will love it for all the fun details from the blobs, swishes and swipes of color. That Washi tape just grounded all of it together. That journaling pen did the trick! That banner punch is amazing! Well done!

Ginger Toivonen

Wowzers Chris! Thanks for your awesome Comment! I think Katie will like it too. And I agree about a softball card. Although I may need to do one at some point! Been casting some cards today but got interrupted for a nail appointment errands to run. Hope all is well.


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Marjorie MCNellis

Love this card! Love the colors, the banners, the paper and the creative touches. Katie will love the card! Congrats to Katie for making the All-Star team!


Awesome card! What is not to love about this card? Perfect card for Katie & one I'd definitely case! Congratulations to Katie!

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