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One of those grandsons sure loves his card and so does his mom! Unbelievably cute!

Marjorie MCNellis

Beth is right, this card is unbelievably cute! The colors are bright and eye catching. I love how you use two different stamps to make one outstanding card. All around you receive an A+.


Oh, this card makes me wish I had a son at he right age to appreciate this card, one who loves legoes!I needed this set years ago.
I love the colors, the layout and the idea. Spectacular Ginger. Great job.

Chris R. from Iowa

These are just too much fun! If one of the grandson's didn't like his card, I would have to have their eyes tested! These just scream "FUN!" So playful and so realistic. They look like you could pick them off the card and make something with them! The colors are perfect. the sentiments are perfect too. The little parachute toy is pretty cute too. Love how the blocks are sort of tumbled or thrown about like they tend to do and then the little stack inside is perfect. LOVE THEM! Great card, you just can't beat those bold, festive primary colors!


All I can say is ditto to all the comments above! One thing though, I have a granddaughter who loves Legos so the stamp better hurry to the clearance rack! I especially love how bright this card is! Awesome card!


Oh my gosh I love these cards! I can't believe that stamp set with Legos got by me!

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