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Ginger I am smiling today because once again you have used one of the items on my must have list!


I agree, this is my kind of card also. It is beautiful with minamil work.
I like these two colors together, together they reach out and grap you. With the new pad and brush the little pieces of cardstock fall away. This is on my list of have to get bundles.

Marjorie MCNellis

What an eye catcher! Love the colors and the design. It looks so simple but elegant. Good job!


Love this card! This will be on my order for sure but how I missed it is beyond me! Dapper denim is my favorite of the new colors. Thanks for enabling yet again, you do an awesome job!

Chris R. from Iowa

Your color combo is better than in the video! I love yours. I love flourishes and like Rosemary - how did I miss it in the catalog is beyond me! I loved the other card they featured at the end with the flowers too that said Merci. It may be simple but wow what elegance or you could probably change up the colors and make it just plain fun. Boy, I could really charge up a storm to just make this card! It don't have that adapter and is the extra thinlet part that comes with the new Big Shot platform available separately? I didn't see it in the catalog but I swear Mike has bribed Ted with treats to interrupt me when I have the catalog out losing my train of thought! Anyway, great card.

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