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Very nice card. These are colors I would not have thought about but they do go together to make a nice card. Maybe... they could be my break out colors. :)

Chris R. from Iowa

Love all the luscious layers! The smokey slate takes on a bit of a blue undertone which works well with this. Another reason I like smokey slate as you can use it with so many combinations. Love how you cut the chevrons on the top and bottom so they are the same - did you plan this or just cutting and it happened to work out well. Of course I love the enamel dots and the heart used to dot the "I" which is so much fun! I am really liking that embossing folder too.

The ombre pads are just different. I think there is too many color changes for me so by the end of the words or design, it is just faded and doesn't pick up the color again. Did that make sense? I had a couple of pads a long time ago that by the time you got to the "y" in happy it was starting to get dark again. So then birthday would have been dark to light to dark and back to lighter. But that is just me talking - it probably doesn't bother anybody else. I have seen others use the pads and thought the same thing. Threads and yarn seem to work better for ombre shading too in my opinion. But that is just me in my strange way of thinking. I think SU needs to do some more work on those pads.

This is a fun card that would work for either a male or female. Jst bright and cheery! The font on the sentiment is a fun one.


I had to laugh at Barb's comment "her break out color". This would be the perfect card for a masculine birthday card, thanks for the idea! I have to get an order together, but first I need to shop for a new oven, microwave, & new car, I'll be broke by then! I will have to try the ombré ink pads they look like fun!

Ginger Toivonen

Thanks Chris! The chevrons worked out the way I hoped they would - thanks for noticing! As for the ombré ink pad, I feel the same way as you do. It almost feels like the pad is too dry. I turned it upside down to see if that makes a difference. But I wont buy anymore. I do love the enamel shapes but I sure wish that we got more in a pack. I am using them for both of my Club cards which meant that I had to place a quick order because I did not have enough. It was nice to have a heart shape enamel dot for the I. The Stylized birthday stamp is definitely a keeper. Like you, I like the font. It was a quick card as I spent the day cleaning out closets storage tubs so by the end of the day I was short on both time creative energy. Gotta work on my PPA card but first I have to finish getting the basement ready for the kids visit.

Hope all is well with you, Mike Teddy.


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Marjorie MCNellis

I love this card! It is so cheery. Love the colors but I think anyone would enjoy getting this card.

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