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Yes, this is a fun card. Anytime you have a card with a frog it's got to be fun! I like the DSP you picked for you card. It seems that is a comment I am making most of the time.

Mary Fish

Almost feels like your frog is among lilypads! Charming details!

Marjorie MCNellis

When I saw this card, I giggled! I love the DSP, the frog, and the sentiment! This card is outstanding!

Chris R. from Iowa

Dancing in the moon light! No, I have not lost my marbles, well maybe a few along the way. Anyway, the DP reminds me of the little pond at the college in the next block. Well actually there is so much algae in it right now it is more green. Thinking it would be cooler we walked Ted to the campus last night as it was just getting dark. But with all their street lights and the student center lite up there was a lot of light reflecting off the water. Lots of bubbles as the fireflies and dragonflies flitted along with the koi and other fish would try to grab them causing bubbles. A few frogs or toads were singing their song too. Yep, and there are some lily pads too. Ah what a picture huh? Well, the mosquitoes caught my scent and attacked! We made a quick beeline home scratching all the way! We could have used Mr. Awesome himself to eat some of those mosquitoes! But, he looks too cute here to be bothered with trying to find something to eat. His little expression says, "Who me?" Just too much fun and perfect for this sketch as the bottom one does look like a lily pad and the other one is some other type of rock or flower I guess. Love the enamel shapes. Great fun card though I am still scratching!


I adore this frog! Once again loved everything about this card, especially the frog, he makes me giggle too!

Ann Schach

How cute is this! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sweet card! Great job with the sketch, my friend!

Dawn Tidd

This is an adorable card, Ginger! I love that frog and the addition of the enamel dots are the perfect touch! Love the background DSP you chose too, super fun for that frog.

Linda Callahan

Oh my this is so cute! Love this adorable card!

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