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I think I'm a middle of the line for the greeting, it adds more interest. Your flower is beautiful. I like the faux border.

Marjorie MCNellis

I agree with Barb, in the middle of the line adds interest. Although, what you did for this card is quite nice as well. I like this very simple card. I think it is beautiful.


Comment from the third sister is as follows: ditto from Margie & Barb, I really love the faux border frame it adds a touch of elegance to the card. Love your water coloring you are a master at it! My over all thought of the card is:Totally Awesome!!

Chris R. from Iowa

Well, thank YOU for a lovely flower and card! Sentiment - not sure where on the placement - I like this but maybe you need to make another one with it in the middle of the line so we can see how it looks (hint!) Your shading and coloring is great - I haven't used the blender pen in ages and didn't have that much of good luck with it. Aqua pens are more my speed I guess. I love the contrast between the black and the calypso coral! The only problem with that cute little bow is that it hides the cute little leaf! Again, I am loving that faux border! The pool party cardstock looks great with the flower and the thin black mat of cardstock. I don't have any sisters, can I be a step sister? Now, that sounds evil, like an evil step sister in the kids movies - adoptive sister? Great job as always.

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