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Marjorie MCNellis

Love this card! I will have to try it! I will see the cards at the retreat! However, I vote for you posting them. It is easier to copy that way!


I am all for you posting cards you like. This Santa is a card I like and I like how you played it out. The white on red shows all the details. Very nice card.

Chris R. from Iowa

Heavens yes, post those cards especially since I can't attend the retreat. I want to see them! The more the merrier is my motto especially if I am not making them! I like this card but there is something weird about his glasses - they look like sunglasses or something dumb like that. I have thought that about everyone's card that including the one SU did. I think that is sort of funny though. Maybe a fake Santa in sunglasses stole my candy cane when I was a kid? But, I really like the swirly beard part. Plus, the sentiment is great. I know, I am a bit weird!


My vote is Heck ya post all your samples! I'll be lucky enough to see all your cards at retreat but it's easier to case if I have them on my computer. Looking forward to retreat! Oh by the way I like this card!

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