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Brian King

So perfectly sweet!


Such a cute house. I like the addition of the flower boxes.

Marjorie MCNellis

Love the flower boxes! I see Katie in this one!

Chris R. from Iowa

Love the flower box! I had to laugh the house next to ours is for sale and they have a flower box on the 2nd floor and it is half way hanging off the house with dead flowers in it and the house color is almost a mint macaron color but peeling! Ted has pretty much given up hope that his BFF will be back and doesn't sniff at the house or go up on the porch anymore. Your house is way cuter! You are having fun with these houses. I wonder what could be used for some texture to the roof shingles? How big do these little gems turn out to be? How about some wallpaper samples that might work? Corrugated paper? Love these little houses!

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