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Linda Callahan

You do great things with this set,,,,..sweet sweet card!


Very unique and a nice, nice card. I like how you put the pillows behind the dog. The framing gives an allusion of a window. Very nice card once again.

Marjorie MCNellis

When I saw this card, I said: "Wow, this card should be framed to place on someone's desk!" It brings such a sense of peace and rest! Good Job!

Chris R. from Iowa

Wow this is fun. Love that serene scenery paper on this. So fun and sort of a touch of whimsy too. Love the square flowered pillow. Have you tried the technique where you use the ball on the score tool on the back to puff it out in places? I have seen a card done with that on the pillows and they looked so 3D. I really like the gold olive strip at the bottom and those enamel dots just complete it. I would say this would be Ted if there was a little slobber or drool and a little different coloring. That is one contented dog! Speaking of Ted he is trying to figure out if he can get up on the glider but not sure he wants to attempt it. Love the idea of this peaceful and restful spot!

Jess Williams

Gorgeous card Ginger! Lovely colour palette too. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and joining in with this week's Global Design Project!


Oh my what an adorable card! I love everything about this card &I do mean everything!! Loved how it looks like you're looking out a window. The only thing that would make this card better would be if it were a cat on the glider!



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