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Chris R. from Iowa

Hi Ginger, can't wait to see what you make with these. I don't have any of the circles, squares or ovals dies yet (just punches) do you think this would be a good idea so I have the basic shapes to start with? I eventually want to get the original sets. Just curious. I think I need more of a tutorial to make a rectangle out of these! I like the stitched look but seldom take the time to punch holes in for the look or dots and dashes. But, I love layers! The examples are impressive.

Ginger Toivonen

Hi Chris! I think this set is ideal because you get a sampling of all of the shapes and with 4 of each you can create mats too. I love the stitched look too but like you, I don't want to have to work for it. Honestly Chris, I think I would start with these Stitched Thinlits and then see what you really use the most to determine if you need to buy the original Tninlits. Does that make sense?


Ginger Toivonen

Hi Chris!

This was such a great question that I answered it on my blog in case other people are wondering the same thing.  Honestly, I would get the Stitched Thinlits because you get a sampling of all of the shapes.  If you like a certain shape, then you can buy that set of original Thinlits.  Most people tend to prefer certan shapes and thiw ould be a great way to see what you like.  

I loved your card on Susans Blog!  Cuteness overload and I liked the way it was presented!  Nice work my friend!


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