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Brian King

Ugh. I know the feeling you describe. Sorry to hear about that leak - glad you were able to get it fixed right away. This project is really wonderful! Who wouldn't love to receive the handmade sleigh or stack of chocolates? <3

Linda Callahan

Yikes nothing worse than a water leak! Glad you got it repaired! And I love these! So adorable! You are great at fiddling around! Lol....perfect results!

Marjorie MCNellis

Love the sleigh as a party favor! Who would have thought of this! You, my sister, are a genius! The chocolates just add to the delicious sleigh. So happy that Jason was there to take over and handle the situation for you. Having water damage is not fun. Welcome back - I missed your postings! Good luck with the books for the kids. They will keep them for a life time.

Chris R. from Iowa

Since you have been so nice, I bet Santa will send you some elves to help you or at least give you a boost of energy to get them done! See, if you were naughty you would just have to scrap the whole project! Ha-ha! On to these little sleighs - genius and oh so cute! I love them! Making the little box to hold the goodies was a great idea. My sleigh would be empty though - I have developed quite a fondness for these! The red and gold one is my favorite but both are gorgeous. Silver and Night of Navy would be pretty too or green and gold. But, those are for next year. Glad you are back!


Quite a project, these little sleighs are delightful Thanks for posting them. They will be a delight at your Christmas Party.


How cute these are!! I Agee with Margie, you really amaze me with how you see something & then fiddle with it until your image works! Yes genius would be the name for you! I also loved the chocolate too! 😊🎄⛄️❄️

Ginger Toivonen

Thank you for such a nice comment Linda! Hope your Holidays are the best.


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Ginger Toivonen

hanks Margaroo!

The only thing that woud make the party better is your presence!


Ginger Toivonen

Thanks Rosie!


Ginger Toivonen

Thanks Gussy!


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