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Marjorie MCNellis

These are so cute & delicious filled with chocolate.

Chris R. from Iowa

Ah what a sweet treat! I wonder if the little top hat in the penguin and snowman set would fit on the gingerbread people? You could cut them out of the red glimmer paper and really make the treat holders shine! Just a silly thought! I bet you had a great time. Are you going to share photos of other home made cards and gifts? I love your sentiment on these. What a great little treat holder!


Love these!!

Ginger Toivonen

Now you have me wondering too Chris! They sure would be cute! I would like to make more but I dont know if I will get to it. It has been very cold here and now a storm is moving into the area. Hope things are going better for you. What a trooper you are to still walk Ted. When your feet and legs hurt it just makes it difficult to have a positive attitude. Hope it gets better soon and that the doctor can help you.


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Very cute. I think the top hat would work. I used it for the moose I sent Jim.

Ginger Toivonen

Bet that it was cute too!

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