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Chris R. from Iowa

Fun idea. I had not seen this video before, thanks! I might have to try this with a set I have.

Ginger Toivonen

Great idea Chris! I think it would work for lots of stamps. It is on my list to try. I had a birthday card class tonight. It was nice to get home after it snowed all day here was still snowing when I left class. My car was covered in snow. Bob got so sick at his sleep study Sunday night. They called me I had to drive him home. We picked his truck up today but he is still not feeling well. Hope I dont get it.

Sure glad you have been released from p.t. And here is hoping that it does not return. It sure helped that your P.T. Suffered from it too. But I bet that Teddy is not in favor of the treadmill or the bike!


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