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Marjorie MCNellis

I love this card! It is cute and eye catching! Love that little bumblebee.


I do love the bunny and you did a fantastic job on it yesterday. That card makes me smile or laugh this card is just as nice but a softer emotion from me. This card makes me go ahhhhhhh! Nice job on both cards and they both are keepers.

Dawn Tidd

This is adorable, Ginger! I love the colors you used!!


The bunny was adorable, but this card is also adorable. I'm glad you showed the emboss on the black cardstock. This card has a lot of work in it and it shows too! Love the adorable baby bumble bee. Good job!

Chris R. from Iowa

It's the bee's knees! Now, can anyone tell me what that means? My mom and grandma used say that and I had never really thought about it. Are their knees cute or do bees even have them? Sorry, I just had to throw that out there! This IS one cute card! Calmer in motion and color than the bunny but still brings a smile out! Loving all that texture and soft colors. Wonderful job once again!

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